Month: June 2016

spiral staircase from above

I attended a meeting one time at the last job I was at.  It was a finance meeting, one that was supposed to help employees understand and start using their benefits like the 401K.  And the guy got up in front of the group, or I guess I should say he was up in front of the group since I was a little late, and he asked if we knew where to go in case of an emergency.  Of course people immediately pointed to one of the two doors that would lead to stairs to go down and get out of the building.  Then he walked to one door, and as he started to turn the knob, he asked what we would say if there was a fire on the other side…  inevitably everyone said that they would go out the other door. But you are facing this one? And then he exaggerated having to face the other door to get there.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -Laozi

He went on to explain finances are like the path to safety.  You will go in the direction that your feet are pointing.  If you don’t want to go to the place in front of your feet, you need to turn and start heading to the place you want.  If you are facing up that staircase, guess what?  You are going to go up that staircase when you take a step.  If you are facing down that staircase, again, that is where you will end up.  My journey is one of sustainability.  Of balance.  Of being all the things that I want to be, but not losing myself in any one thing that I am.  I want to find that sweet spot in the center.  Join me.  I don’t want to be lonely there, hopefully you don’t either.